About Yomser Packaging

Yomser Packaging has been one of the leading companies in the disposable plastic packaging industry with its high quality and competitive prices since 1988. In the future, it has adopted the vision of reinforcing its leadership in the sector with sustainability principles and innovation.

Founded in 1988, Yömser Ambalaj has gained a respectable place in the sector with its pioneering spirit and devoted work. Initially, we made a name for ourselves with the production of disposable cups, plates and food containers. However, we expanded our product range by keeping up with the rapidly developing and changing market conditions.

With our production quality and understanding of service, we have become a preferred brand both in the domestic market and in the international arena. We started to have a strong presence in the global market by exporting some of our products. We owe this success to our policy of offering high quality at competitive prices.

Our developing technological investments and dynamic human resources form the basis of our business. We are constantly developing innovative solutions to quickly meet the requirements of the market and exceed the expectations of our consumers.

Our philosophy is simple: “Quality is the assurance of our future.” We reflect this philosophy on our works, and we prioritize quality in each of our products. Our quality control processes at every stage of our products ensure that our products are of the best quality. In addition, we support all of our employees with continuous training, ensuring that they do their jobs in the best possible way.

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Why Yomser Packaging?

The policy of Yömser Ambalaj is to always respond to the needs of food and other sector customers and to continuously increase the sales of hygienic plastic packaging in accordance with legal requirements. We adhere to our customer-oriented production plans with our management systems and appropriate production processes that are constantly being improved.

Certified Quality

Standardized Production Process Certified by International Authorities

Quality and Innovation

We manufacture and export with the highest quality components and state-of-the-art machinery.


We are reducing our carbon footprint day by day and we produce quality and recyclable products for a good future.

Human Health

We are aware of how sensitive our products are in the nutrition process, which is our most vital need.

User Experience

We Continuing Our R&D Investments Every Day To Improve The Experiences Of Our Customers And Users

Our Employees Are Our Greatest Value

With this understanding, we aim to work with talented, passionate and innovative people in our company, which has succeeded in being the leader of the sector.

For us, human resources has the mission of enabling our employees to develop and grow in a way that maximizes their potential. For this, we offer various trainings and development programs to discover talents, to evaluate these talents in the best way in line with our company’s goals and strategies, and thus to contribute to the success of our company.

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